Turmeric latte – these blends are the latest trend

Turmeric latte – these blends are the latest trend 1500 1500 Blend Republic

Fit and healthy with superfood – latte blends are the latest trend

Who does not know them, the days when we do not have time for breakfast, feel tired and overworked or are simply exhausted after training? Often we drink coffee, but the effect of caffeine does not last long enough. Practical and tasty latte blends are a great alternative. They contain healthy nutrients and fit perfectly with our modern lifestyle. Functional drinks with natural and organic ingredients such as herbs, fruits and vegetables are becoming increasingly popular and this superfood has taken the health food scene by storm.

Turmeric latte

The turmeric latte – also known as “golden milk” – is experiencing a new trend and is already deeply rooted in Ayurvedic medicine and Indian culture. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and also protects the liver and digestive system. This healing drink is a fantastic addition to a diet and very easy to prepare. The benefits of latte blends are best felt when they are part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle. They ensure a balanced vitamin balance, make you fit and support stress reduction.

Beetroot latte

The beetroot latte is the perfect way to take extra nutrients delicious and visually appealing. Beetroot is a secret superfood that is mostly undervalued, although it has many beneficial properties. Beets contain plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C and help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the body.

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Awesome Life – 3 things for an exciting life

Awesome Life – 3 things for an exciting life 2000 1333 Blend Republic

Festival time, friends & fun. 

These are the basic ingredients for an exciting life where, above all, the moment is lived and thousands of happiness hormones are released. Everything is allowed and you alone determine your limits. Every year, there are more than 100 music festivals in Germany where everyone can get out of their everyday lives and immerse themselves in adventure. Over 1 million German party folks take advantage of this opportunity and the combination of summer and cool music creating the special atmosphere. Those who run out of energy now need extra MCT Power – these are medium-chain coconut fatty acids that provide your body with the energy needed for an exciting festival weekend – along with the kick of delicious coffee, you’ll have an exciting weekend ahead with lots of music, friends & fun.

Awesome Life.

Beauty food – porridge with collagen

Beauty food – porridge with collagen 1334 2000 Blend Republic

Porridge is the ideal breakfast

Porridge is not only incredibly tasty and extremely diverse in preparation, but also done in a jiffy. That’s why porridge is becoming increasingly popular with our fitness foodies. The fiber contained in the oatmeal lasts longer full, which food cravings can be avoided in the morning. Depending on the choice of other ingredients for your porridge you can also provide you with an additional portion of vitamins and minerals.

Beautiful skin, hair & nails

Porridge gives you (more) shine and a radiant look. With an extra dose of oatmeal in the morning you give your body important nutrients. Because oatmeal contains a lot of biotin, which makes your hair shine. In addition, oatmeal also contains zinc – which many do not know – a lack of zinc can lead to hair loss. Therefore, for breakfast, often resort to the porridge.

Collagen Power for the Beauty Boost

Now comes a new trend – porridge with the additional boost of collagen – the beauty protein for your body, which also has a sporty side. Collagen is the body’s most important building block and makes up about 30% of the proteins in our body. Collagen is the key structural protein that ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of our connective tissue, including skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. Collagen is essentially strong and flexible and the “glue” that holds everything together. It strengthens various body structures as well as the integrity of our skin. The added collagen proteins serve many different purposes and are an important part of a healthy diet.

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It’s booming – urban yoga meets matcha latte & co.

It’s booming – urban yoga meets matcha latte & co. 2000 1333 Blend Republic

Urban Yoga transforms your city into a relaxation paradise

Yoga has long been more than a trend sport and is finding more and more enthusiastic fans. This is probably because yoga provides a good balance in stressful everyday life and especially scores, because it is relaxing, stress-reducing & individual and fits well with the trendy healthy lifestyle. Now, yoga also reaches the urban lifestyle and fascinates the outdoor yogis, who turn their city into a fantasy place for individual and unique exercises. The cool practice sites are now city parks with a skyline in the back, railing or steps and make yoga a special & exceptional experience. Try it yourself and treat yourself to the trendy Matcha wheatgrass latte, which is currently very popular with yogis. There are good reasons for this: Matcha tea provides a calming sense of well-being. This is important in order to find inner peace in yoga and to switch off mental stress. At the same time Matcha also pushes your energy level since green tea naturally contains caffeine.

Matcha wheatgrass latte for a calming wellbeing

Together with wheatgrass results in a super healthy mixture. Wheatgrass convinces with a variety of antioxidants and amino acids that help fight free radicals and build proteins. The high percentage of protein in the wheatgrass makes it a supergrass and fitness foods very obese – because proteins are known to support the development and regeneration of muscles.

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