You love life and are full of energy. You always want to reinvent yourself, but never commit. And you are bursting with euphoria because the whole world is open to you. Nevertheless, when it comes to your lifestyle, you do not make a keg – just one of our packs, because it’s always an exotic superfood mix that gives your life exactly the power it needs. Whether beetroot latte or cacao maca-guarana – Blend Republic is always great for exciting guys like you.

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Collagen Latte Blends

Our colourful coffee alternatives combine pleasure with functionality. Each blend has healthy superfoods & collagen peptides for more beauty & sports in your life

Oat Beauty Bowls

Our porridge blends contain not only a lot of healthy superfood but also the extra beauty power for smooth skin, strong hair and healthy nails.

Collagen Coffee MCT

The day can not start any better! The new generation of Instant Coffee is the ultimate beauty drink, packed with the energy of MCT, fibers and collagen peptides.

Capsules Beauty & Sports

Our capsules are the perfect complement to your diet and our popular collagen blends. In the bundle they become an absolute booster.

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It’s booming – urban yoga meets matcha latte & co. 2000 1333 Blend Republic

It’s booming – urban yoga meets matcha latte & co.

Urban Yoga transforms your city into a relaxation paradise Yoga has long been more than a trend sport and is finding more and more enthusiastic fans. This is probably because yoga provides a good balance in stressful everyday life and especially scores, because it is relaxing, stress-reducing & individual and fits well with the trendy…

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