Porridge & Overnight Oats

Hey, nice Nuts! Our Nutty Bowl offers all the benefits that nut & Co has to offer. Of course, we go one step further and have also added fiber from the blue agave and our beauty & sports protein collagen.

Fine oatmeal*, pungent oatmeal*, hazelnut kernels* ground & roasted (3%), almonds* chopped and roasted (2%), inulin from blue agave*, collagen peptides, cocoa nibs*, apple pieces* dried , Amaranth* puffed, cinnamon*, salt

*organically grown

High-fiber diet boosts the intestines and you feel full for longer. Cravings adé!

beauty power

Collagen proteins have true workout & fitness power and make you look great anytime.

protein boost

Antioxidants protect our cells, have an anti-aging effect and provide a fresh complexion.


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