Be yourself and glow! You love life and are full of energy. You always want to reinvent yourself, but never commit. And you’re overflowing with euphoria because the whole world is open to you. Nevertheless, when it comes to your lifestyle, you don’t make a fuss – but simply one of our packs: because there’s always a protein-rich superfood mixture in it that gives your life exactly the power it needs. Whether it’s curcuma latte or chocolate guarana – Blend Republic is always a perfect match for exciting guys like you.

Blended for an awesome life. The world never stands still and you are in the middle of it. You love the colourful hustle and bustle as much as you do the desire for new things, but you always remain true to yourself and your lifestyle – just as much as you stay fit and healthy. To achieve this goal, very special ingredients are needed, which we combine in our blends for you: Whether collagen peptides, MCTs from coconut or turmeric – our blends with the plus of beauty & sports power take care of your energy level, your immune system and of course also your charisma with beautiful skin and shiny hair.

Sports nutrion for everyone. The times when we looked at all fitness enthusiasts with a smile when they mixed protein shakes to build up their muscles are long gone. A healthy and functional diet is just as much a part of a healthy lifestyle for us today as the fun of exercise. So our exciting collagen drinks come just in time! Try our delicious blends, which you can easily integrate into your daily life, whether as an alternative to coffee, for breakfast, as a snack or as a treat in between. Take advantage of the many benefits of collagen peptides in combination with healthy, plant-based superfoods for that extra bit of beauty & sports.


Beauty from the inside. Time is changing… for you, good looks are above all the result of individual efforts and coming out “from the inside”. In fact, the new beauty is more than just literally close up, it is your expression of a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of physical activity and healthy eating. Almost more than half of you are convinced that your appearance is at least partially based on a healthy diet. So almost half of you agree to use food as a means to improve your beauty. Collagen peptides make an important contribution to this claim and are not for nothing what we call Beauty & Sports Nutrition.

“Be yourself and glow!”
“Be who you want to be. Do what you like & be a little crazy.”

Healthy and active aging

Collagen peptides offer excellent opportunities to respond to the many possibilities offered by active ageing. In fact, collagen offers promising solutions for the needs of people who are young at heart. Through its positive effects on skin health, collagen helps 50-60 year olds to retain their youthful appearance for longer. Collagen also supports healthy exercise.